Surface Of Jupiter Planet surface features of jupiter planet jupiter outer Jupiter Planet Surface Of

Surface Of Jupiter Planet surface features of jupiter planet jupiter outer Jupiter Planet Surface Of

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Despite this oddball moon's many exotic attributes, it actually sports one of the most Earth-like surfaces in our Solar System. Titan may also experience volcanic activity, but its volcanoes would erupt with different ingredients than the molten-rock lava that shoots out from the volcanoes of Earth. In dramatic contrast to what occurs on our own planet, Titan's volcanoes erupt icy water "lava" (cryovolcanism). Titan's entire alien surface has been sculpted by gushing methane and ethane, which carves river channels, and fills its enormous great lakes with liquid natural gas.

Makemake is a classical KBO. This means that its orbit is situated far enough away from Neptune to remain in a stable stage over the entire age of our more than 4 billion year old Solar System. Classical KBOs have perihelia that carry them far from the Sun, and they are also peacefully free from Neptune's perturbing influence. Such objects show relatively low eccentricities and circle our Star in a way that is similar to that of the major planets. However, Makemake is a member of what is referred to as a "dynamically hot" class of classical KBOs, which instead display a high inclination when compared to other classical KBOs.

Popular culture has tried to extract maximum leverage out of the mysterious symbolism associated with the full moon. Modern fables have produced creatures like the were-wolf, an otherwise normal man who apparently becomes a wolf when the moon is full. A full moon has strong suggestions of pure and predominantly platonic, love.