Red Sun Compared to a Star

Sure enough, Gauche and four gang members bury the loot, and then he kills them so only he knows the hiding place. Gauche pays off others, who go their own way, and the remaining gang members remain with him. While tracking Gauche’s gang, Link sees Kuroda’s hardiness and skills with a sword. He also discovers that Kuroda speaks English very well. Kuroda reveals that his samurai values are disappearing and his countrymen no longer value the customs of old. Convinced that the country is changing forever and that the samurai spirit will soon be gone, Kuroda explains that the only way to honor his ancestors and his own way of life is to bring back the ceremonial sword. The two approach a ranch that has been taken over by some gang members, and in a brief battle kill them all. They take their horses, and Link teaches Kuroda how to ride. Link, now armed with guns taken from the gang, can no longer be threatened into doing Kuroda’s bidding. He rides away from Kuroda, but has a change of heart and returns to him. Link has grown to respect the strict bushido code Kuroda lives by, however he warns Kuroda that he will kill him if he tries to kill Gauche before Link learns where the loot has been hidden.