HD NASA Space Suit Design in pursuit of the perfect spacesuit space air space NASA Design Space Suit HD

HD NASA Space Suit Design in pursuit of the perfect spacesuit space air space NASA Design Space Suit HD

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Vast regions of dark dunes also extend across Titan's exotic landscape, especially around its equatorial regions. Unlike Earth's sand, the "sand" that creates Titan's dunes is composed of dark grains of hydrocarbon that resemble coffee grounds. The tall linear dunes of this misty moisty moon-world appear to be quite similar to those seen in the desert of Namibia in Africa. Because Titan's surface is pockmarked by relatively few impact craters, its surface is considered to be quite young. Older surfaces display heavier cratering than more youthful surfaces, whose craters have been "erased" by resurfacing. This resurfacing is caused by processes that cover the scars left by old impacts as time goes by. Our own planet is similar to Titan in this respect. The craters of Earth are erased by the ongoing processes of flowing liquid (water on Earth), powerful winds, and the recycling of Earth's crust as a result of plate-tectonics. These processes also occur on Titan, but in modified forms. In particular, the shifting of the ground resulting from pressures coming from beneath (plate tectonics), also appear to be at work on this veiled moon-world. However, planetary scientists have not seen signs of plates on Titan that are analogous to those of our own planet.

The clear indications that Enceladus possesses liquid water, and perhaps life, catapulted the tiny moon into the same mighty league as its sister moons, Europa of Jupiter and Titan of Saturn, as a world that could potentially harbor precious living tidbits.

Even if the Moon is not a planet in the strict definition, she always seemed to hold our imagination in her constant change and fluidity. Her reliable motion over the night sky was one way of perceiving time in its unfolding since ancient times. The connection between the tides of the ocean and the successful planting and harvesting cycles of the crops were obvious to our ancestors from long ago and paid attention to. Also the inner connection with our emotional constitution is an empiric fact as it would show up in sleepless nights around the Full Moon, more violence and civil disturbances calls for the police then usual, more accidents and drunk driving.