Green Lizard Picture Mars Planet

In 2000, Green Lizard released their first full-length album called Identity, produced by Clif Norrell (famous for his work
with bands like Faith No More and Skunk Anansie). The videoclip for the first single from this album, Turn Around, won the Golden Calf award for the animation, made by singer Remi. That same year they played the festival Pinkpop festival, when Moloko couldn’t make it. In 2001 they played the festival again and live recordings were made for a small live EP, which would be released as a separate disc (only at gigs) and as a bonus disc which accompanied the rerelease of Identity. The second single is Autumn. The videoclip mocks (boy)bands fabricated by recordlabels. Guesting in the clip are various members of Dutch bands and standup comedy.
In 2001 the band received the Silver Harp Award for Identity. The song Down was re-recorded. The new version of the song, called Down 2K1, featured Dutch rapper Brainpower and DJ TLM, and was released as the third single.