Cornelia Parker Cold Dark Matter

The Maybe (1995) at the Serpentine Gallery, London, was a performance piece conceived by Tilda Swinton, who lay, apparently asleep, inside a vitrine. She asked Parker to collaborate with her on the project, and to create an installation in which she could sleep. Swinton’s original idea was to lie in state as Snow White in a glass coffin, but through the collaboration with Cornelia the idea evolved into her appearing as herself and not as an actor posing as a fictional character. Parker filled the Serpentine with glass cases containing relics that belonged to famous historical figures, such as the pillow and blanket from Freud’s couch, Mrs. Simpson’s ice skates, Charles Dickens’ quill pen and Queen Victoria’s stocking. A version of the piece was later re-performed in Rome (1996) and then MoMA, New York (2013) without Parker’s involvement.